Data processing centre: The authentic real time

Data processing centre: The authentic real time

Nowadays, the concept of real time has been internalised in different technical and communication areas. This concept refers to the transmission of instantaneous information over a distance between two places that may be hundreds or thousands of kilometres apart. This technology is widely used in fields such as mobile telephony or television, but until recently its real application has not been possible in the world of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and Inventory (data collection in the field).

Envisioning this opportunity for the sector, at Fisotec we have decided to launch an ambitious technological development project that allows us to take geographic data in the field, anywhere on the planet, and send it in real time to our technical offices for immediate processing. 

All this is possible thanks to the creation of a Data Processing Centre and the modernisation of all our protocols and algorithms for inventorying and processing geographic data. Can you imagine being able to take data anywhere in the world and have it available instantly? Now with Fisotec’s new Data Processing Centre, true real time is possible.

How does the Fisotec data processing centre benefit our customers?

This new working process brings two clear benefits to our clients: quality and speed.

Geographic data quality because our real-time processing system allows us to apply high-precision algorithms and detect accidental or systematic errors in the field while they are being taken. As these errors are detected «on the fly», they are much easier to correct.

Speed because previously, the data started to be processed once they were all collected and sent to the office. Now, as soon as the data starts to be collected in the field, it is processed from our technical offices and we can offer much shorter delivery times.

How did we get here?

At Fisotec, we have developed our professional career mainly in two basic areas for the development of the Smart City:

  • Inventory, capture and data collection with a multitude of state-of-the-art tools such as digitising tablets or high-precision topography equipment.
  • Development of GIS systems designed to meet the needs of both administrations and private companies. These are equipped with a free software base, which not only reduces the cost for the client but also speeds up updates and changes.

But to develop agile and accurate GIS systems it is necessary to have agile and accurate geographic data, so a logical step to improve our services is to improve the accuracy of our data collection and streamline the processing of the same. In recent years, the technology associated with data capture and collection has undergone an undeniable technological evolution. Our team currently has at its disposal tools of the highest precision both for positioning tasks and for those aimed at analysing data once it has been collected. The real-time connection of both processes has finally allowed us to take the step we were looking for: Obtain higher quality geographic data in less time.

How has the project been developed to achieve maximum improvement?

Three areas of work make the difference in the final product:

  • The GIS systems have been adapted to the needs of a data processing centre of this size.
  • Not only is the transmission of data important, but it is also essential to ensure its quality, which is why optimisation and control processes have been developed.
  • We have a platform that can be accessed by our customers both via the web and mobile devices. Here they can consult the data and the processing of all data captured by our technicians.

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