Fisotec: a decade of evolution in GIS Street Lighting Inventories

Fisotec: a decade of evolution in GIS Street Lighting Inventories

Knowing in detail the state of the elements that make up the public lighting of a municipality, allows administrations and companies to make strategic decisions in the maintenance and management of an urban service that is basic and essential for cities and municipalities. 

A task that Fisotec, a company from Jaén specialised in open source Geographic Information Systems, makes possible through the High Technical Qualification Inventory. 

What has been the evolution of these inventories until today to offer not only an environmentally sustainable service, but also a cost and time profitable one?

2012, the first step towards progress

A decade has passed since Fisotec took its first evolutionary leap back in 2012. From a first stage, in which urban inventories were carried out manually, practically «with pencil and paper», the company went on, thanks to the development of a customised GIS plugin, to automate geographic data. 

However, there was still a difficulty in this progress: although the technicians in the field took data on their devices (tablet, GPS, laser scanner, drones…), it was then necessary to dump and process it, also manually, in the office. A problem that was satisfactorily solved with the changeover from single-user to multi-user tools with instant synchronisation.

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Field technicians now collect and send geographic data in real time. Source: Fisotec

Subsequently, in the challenge of offering their clients geographic data of the highest technical quality, they delved into the development of complex precision and positioning algorithms, relying on the field of Artificial Intelligence with technologies such as Machine Learning or Big Data, to carry out an automatic check of the information.

But that has not been all, today, a new step has become the protagonist, that of the introduction of artificial image detection algorithms, cloud-based, with a powerful tool as an ally: the multi-lens camera recording 360º.

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Urban inventory with machine vision enables high-quality urban radiography. Source: Fisotec

Thanks to artificial vision, Fisotec collects images and videos on which Google’s cloud tool applies self-learning algorithms and entity detection, for later data dumping in its Geographic Information System. 

Arrecife, one of its latest success stories 

In 2021, a team of field technicians travelled to Arrecife, in the east of Lanzarote, to collect and inventory geographical data on the municipality’s public lighting network (control centres, metering equipment, light points, brands and models of luminaires, lamps and supports, geometric and lighting information on the roads, etc.).

In the words of José Ruiviejo, CEO of the company, these actions have meant «not only an exhaustive knowledge of the state of the city’s public lighting infrastructures, but also provide the necessary tools for more efficient, sustainable and environmentally responsible management».

What will Fisotec’s next evolutionary leap be?

Arrecife now has more environmentally friendly street lighting. Source: Wikipedia – CC0

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