FISOTEC GIS SMART UNIC, a before and an after in urban services management

FISOTEC GIS SMART UNIC, a before and an after in urban services management

In the pressing need for smart cities to efficiently manage their infrastructures and services, there are more tools that seek to provide a solution to this requirement.

It is not only a matter of trying to optimise resources, in terms of time and economic costs, but also of offering a responsible service to citizens and the surrounding environment, through planning, maintenance and operational control of incidents in public lighting, sewerage and drinking water networks, solid urban waste collection, mobility and signage, etc.

It is in this context, and as a result of years of unceasing efforts, that we have developed FISOTEC GIS SMART UNIC, a platform aimed at both data collection in urban environments and the processing of GIS files for the analysis and obtaining of geographic information.

What will professionals in charge of managing urban services find in the new FISOTEC GIS SMART UNIC interface?

The aim of this new version is to make project management easier for the user, thanks to a much more modern and intuitive interface, with which the professional will be totally autonomous and will not need to have a high level of technical knowledge in Geographic Information Systems.

Thus, once the process with FISOTEC has been authorised, the client will be able to create up to three projects per year with FISOTEC GIS SMART UNIC from scratch and completely free of charge, which can also be accessed by up to three users for the management of the town.

In this way, any of the three users will be able to configure information layers, establish categorisations, data types, etc., all from their mobile device or from the web, and synchronised in real time.

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