Inventorying: Geographic data is king

Inventorying: Geographic data is king

Nowadays, humans have powerful tools for information management, capable of processing and drawing conclusions from huge amounts of data. In terms of spatial information, geographic information systems (GIS) have evolved a lot in recent years to adapt to a changing market and a society with growing needs.

The emergence of customisable, open source GIS tools at very reasonable costs has made this technology accessible to a greater number of companies and organisations. GIS tools for environmental management, GIS for people mobility, GIS for energy control in cities, GIS for water resource management, etc. have appeared. The possibilities are almost endless and our capacity to process information is growing year by year.

However, one concept remains immutable over time: Any conclusion we draw from any process, any spatial analysis we do, any information of value processed from geographic data is only as accurate as the accuracy of the data we use to derive it. Geographic data is still king. To get conclusions of value we need to have data of value.

For this reason, Fisotec has a human and technical team specialised in Inventorying, that is to say, in the capture of geographic data. We work in urban, rural and natural environments, inventorying elements, facilities, infrastructures, lighting, electrical networks, drinking water networks, sanitation, parks, gardens, street furniture, urban planning… and in general all the urban elements of a Smart City.

To make a good inventory of any geographical element you need to have experience, you need to know what data to measure, what to take. This is the only way to obtain high quality inventories with accurate data. In FISOTEC we have been working for more than 15 years in the collection and taking of data of all kinds and this gives us the ability to obtain high quality results tailored to the needs of our customers.

Moreover, in the world of geographic information, technology is advancing rapidly and it is essential to have modern and continuously updated devices. At Fisotec we have the most complete and latest generation technological equipment at our service. From bi-frequency and multi-frequency GPS to digitising tablets, georadars and drones.

With all this we obtain quality inventories, with precise geographical data, which allow us to make accurate analyses and obtain correct conclusions. At Fisotec we put all our experience and quality at the service of our clients.

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