With Fisotec, a smart and accessible city is possible

With Fisotec, a smart and accessible city is possible

In the context of the transformation of cities, accessibility takes on special importance. It is precisely for this reason that we start January and 2022 talking about an aspect closely related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN. 

There is no time to lose, there are barely 8 years to go until 2030, the deadline for compliance with these measures, and there is still a long way to go before accessibility becomes a tangible reality.

El ODS 11 apuesta por unas ciudades más accesibles. Fuente: Fisotec

Therefore, at Fisotec, in line with Goal 17, we work every day to make cities smart, sustainable and accessible spaces. Our main ally? The data inventory. 

How does the data inventory facilitate urban accessibility?

According to Accedes, 68% of people with disabilities live in urban environments. How does our data inventory help to ensure that the whole of society, without distinction, can function without problems in the field of Smart Cities? Thanks to specialised tools such as our Mobility module. 

Una persona con una bicicleta en el asiento de una silla

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Accessibility is a universal right. Source: JCOMP | Freepik

This is how citizens with visual or movement difficulties can overcome the different architectural barriers in their locality. We are talking about distances from walls, access to pavements, acoustically signposted pedestrian crossings, adapted parking spaces, chromatic differences to differentiate fountains and other infrastructures from the rest of the urban environment, etc.

Alcaudete, an example of an accessible city 

What did our GIS inventory work consist of to facilitate accessibility for all the inhabitants of Alcaudete?

Thanks to the Geographic Information Systems and our Mobility tool, we were able to define where the horizontal and vertical signage elements were located and in which areas of the municipality it was necessary to programme improvement actions to establish, for example, accessible speed bumps or zebra crossings.

Some of the inventory work carried out in the town of Alcaudete, in the interests of accessibility. Source: Fisotec

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