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What is our
Urban Data Inventory?

Using technology as an ally, we use the latest generation and high precision instrumentation to capture geographic data in the field, which is sent in real time to our offices for immediate processing.

The end customer will be able to have accurate geographic data, with great data quality and extremely high precision, anywhere and at any time for the use that is required. All the information is displayed through Open Source technologies and developed mainly in the field of Geographic Information Systems

+15 Years
of experience guarantee us
Collaboration with
+40 Companies
of municipal services
+500 Consulting Services
+1000 TB
of inventoried data

Our types of Inventories

The allies of your Urban project

We raise the capture and collection of data to its maximum potential

Inventory Essential

Inventory fundamentally linked to GIS, and applied to more traditional data collection services in urban environments

Smart Inventory

Highly technological inventory, which covers a demand focused on data collection for the generation of Digital Twins and realization of BIM modeling

Inventory 360

Inventory based on the use of Mobile Mapping systems for massive data capture, and on which Artificial Vision (AI), Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms are applied

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As its name indicates, it brings together the essence of the most classic and traditional Inventory linked to GIS, with a strong specialization in urban infrastructure of any kind.
  • Adaptation to the parameters and attributes required by the client quickly and agilely.
  • Real-time data collection and processing, enabling effective and efficient deliveries.
  • Powerful algorithms developed on GIS for exceptional quality in the delivery of information.

# 1 Inventory of Urban Infrastructures in more than 400 municipalities

More than 10 years generating and inventorying data for urban infrastructures such as public lighting, green areas, playgrounds, FTTH networks, drinking water and sanitation throughout Spain, Portugal and Latam:
  • Inventory of 94,000 Public Lighting Points in Madrid
  • Inventory of 14,000 Drinking Water connections in Granada.
  • Inventory of Green Zones in Málaga, Jaén, and more than 50 Municipalities throughout Spain

# 2 Update of digital street map of 35 municipalities of Málaga

The fundamental objective of the work has consisted in updating the CDAU (Callejero Digital Unificado de Andalucía) truthfully and contrasted, so that security forces such as Emergencies 112 and others have up-to-date information on the routes of the municipalities. All of this has been possible using different digital information bases as a reference, such as Cadastre, Open Street Maps, Cartociudad and other sources provided by the Malaga Provincial Council itself.
Our more than
15 Years of

at your service.
Energy and Public Lighting

Energy and Public Lighting

Environment and Green Areas

Environment and Green Areas

Sanitation and Drinking Water Networks

Sanitation and Drinking Water Networks

Urban Planning

Urban Planning

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