Urban inventory for Smart Cities

We have a human and technical team specialized in capturing, data collection and inventory of all the elements and infrastructures that make up an urban environment.

Type of Urban Inventory

At FISOTEC we carry out any type of Inventory related to Urban Infrastructures and Services such as: Public Lighting, Potable Water Networks and Infrastructures and Sanitation,< strong> Signaling and Road Infrastructures, Electric Networks, Optical Fiber, Urban Furniture, Singular Buildings, etc and in general any type of Urban Infrastructure linked to Smart Cities.

Information available instantly-Real Time
Use of state-of-the-art tools
Precise plannings (< 1 cm)

What is the geographic data inventory, and what is it used for?

Using technology as an ally, we use state-of-the-art and high-precision instrumentation such as: GPS, drones, georadars, digitizing tablets, Mapping and a 360º multi-lens recording camera to capture geographic data in the field, which is sent in real time to our offices for immediate processing. All this information is captured and collected in our GIS Platform (Geographic Information System) called GIS SMART,

The end customer will be able to have accurate geographic data, with high data quality and high precision, anywhere and at any time for the use that is required. All the information is displayed using Open Source technologies and developed mainly in the field of Geographic Information Systems-GIS.

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GIS in urban planning today

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Smart tourism: How to promote sustainable and attractive tourism?

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Inventory of assets in municipalities

Cities and municipalities, in order to be able to participate in the Smart City concept, must carry out actions that favour the efficiency of the urban resources they manage. And it is precisely in this challenge that the inventory of municipal assets takes on special relevance. But let’s start at the beginning, defining what these… Seguir leyendo Inventory of assets in municipalities


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