At Fisotec we contribute to improving the management of the natural resources that make up the environment of each municipality: public waterways, forests, urban parks, municipal gardens… How do we carry out our objective?

This tool has a GIS of green areas, integral CMMS for the maintenance of the service and a MANAGEMENT platform for a detailed knowledge of the evolution of the environmental system.

Malaga, Jaen, Alcaudete and more than 50 municipalities throughout the country

Choose your version of Fisotec GIS SMART Environment


Using cloud tools
Local files
One user per project
Unlimited projects
Help centre with video tutorials


Multiuser Cloud Platform
Unlimited users
Unlimited projects
Maintenance management
Management of green areas, parks and gardens
Unlimited number of urban entities
Technical support
Help centre with video tutorials
*Price corresponding to User/Month/Project
**Limited technical support

Characteristics of GIS software for natural resource management

Accounts and Users
No. of users/project 1 Unlimited
No. of active projects Unlimited Unlimited
File location Local Cloud
Equipment notifications -
Mobile application (Android, iOS) -
Technical support -
Project and user management -
Permissions and roles configuration panel -
Project attributes configuration panel
GIS and tools on the map
Visualisation of different base maps (Google Maps, PNOA, Google satellite, vectorial cartography of the municipality).
Advanced entity search tools -
Inventory tools, creation of tree entities, irrigation networks.
Filtering, categorising and entity listing tools
Advanced analysis dashboard with project information
Complementary measuring tools
Control plans for phytosanitary products and pesticides, subscriber control, etc. -
Analysis linked to tree mass control -
Export tools
Configuration and export of lists
Planimetry configuration and export
Configuration and export of element tabs
File export (.shp, .kml, .csv or .dxf)
Assisted Maintenance Management - CMMS
Creation, Management and Definition of Work Orders -
Defining roles and profiles -
Warehouse management and associated costs -
Real-time incident planning and management -
Stock and equipment control -
Preventive and corrective maintenance planning -
Supplier management for equipment and tools -
Possibility of handling incidents with third parties -
Creation of routes for order assistance -
Overall control over workshops, tools and equipment -
Management and planning of maintenance plans -
Searching for and locating equipment -
Generation of status and evolutionary reports -
Management for control of entities and irrigation supplies
Management of hubs, devices and locations -
Configuration of different types of alerts: panel without voltage, loss of communication, etc. -
Graphic analysis of devices assigned to hubs -
Consultation and calculation of data assigned to the hubs -
Extraction of lists and analysis reports with detailed consumption -
Creation of custom dashboards -

Frequently Asked Questions GIS Environment


What is FISOTECGIS SMART UNIC and what is its objective?
What kind of functions can I perform with this platform?
What kind of data can I upload to UNIC?
Can I use my data directly from my GIS?
Do I need to upload the data to the Cloud tool?
Can several users work on one or more municipalities?


What is FISOTEC GIS SMART ENVIRONMENT MEDIUM and what is its objective?
What elements does GIS SMART ENVIRONMENT MEDIUM integrate?
How many active users can I have simultaneously?
What kind of data can I upload? And if I have several projects, can I manage them simultaneously?
If I already have a Management tool for my green areas , can I connect to GIS SMART ENVIRONMENT MEDIUM?
Can I connect to Citizen Management Tools and APPs available in the City Councils?

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