Caravaca de la Cruz: Innovation and precision in urban management with Fisotec

Caravaca de la Cruz, located in the Region of Murcia, is not only known for its cultural and religious wealth, being one of the five holy places of Christianity because of its famous Cross of Caravaca, but also for its commitment to modernization and efficiency in urban service management. This municipality, which merges the majesty of its past with the dynamism of current technology, has taken a significant step into the future with the help of Fisotec and its innovative 360º inventory.

High-Quality Technical Inventories, Fisotec’s Ally in Caravaca de la Cruz

In the heart of Caravaca de la Cruz, Fisotec has implemented a comprehensive project, employing its Essential inventory in the optimization of public lighting. But the commitment to excellence did not stop there. Seizing the opportunity, Fisotec expanded its actions by incorporating the 360º inventory, adding invaluable worth to the project and benefiting both the municipality and the company itself. This dual approach not only improved the quality of service but also raised the standards of technical precision and operational efficiency in the registration and management of urban assets.

Use of 360º Inventory for Verification and Geopositioning of Entities

With the goal of capturing data efficiently and achieving precise geopositioning, the 360º inventory was the chosen tool for detailed verification. Armed with a 360º multi-lens camera and Mobile Mapping technology, the Fisotec teams traversed the arteries of Caravaca de la Cruz, assigning exact coordinates to each public lighting entity. This massive inventory process was enhanced by UBIQUA-IA, Fisotec’s own algorithm, which, using artificial vision techniques, identified and automatically positioned the entities in the GIS system. The result was a detailed and dynamic map that reflects not only the location but also the history and potential of each light point in the city.

This Fisotec project in Caravaca de la Cruz is not only a testament to the practical application of advanced GIS solutions but also highlights how technology can respect and enhance the heritage of a city that is, in itself, a national treasure.

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