Using SaaS technology for urban service management

Using SaaS technology for urban service management

Technology makes our daily lives much easier, that’s a fact. And if not, just think of how many tasks it frees us from. At home, for example, we already have smart hoovers or light bulbs that we can switch on and off with just a voice command. But what about in the streets of our municipality? What does technology bring to the management of urban services?

smart city
SaaS technology applied to the management of urban services?

What is SaaS technology about?

Of course, the maintenance and management of urban infrastructures has evolved by leaps and bounds, and it is precisely in this context that SaaS technology has an indisputable role to play.

But first things first, because if you have never heard of this concept, you may not understand what a SaaS is and what its scope is.

A SaaS (Software as a Service) is, as its name suggests, software as a service, i.e. a software delivery model located in the cloud, in which the provider develops and maintains this technological solution, providing automatic updates and offering this service to its customers over the Internet, through a pay-per-use system.

The advantage of this model? Undoubtedly, the economic savings, as customers subscribed to this service can enjoy up-to-date, fast and accurate software without resorting to local programmes that undeniably increase the cost bill.

We must not forget that this is a technology that has undergone a major transformation. In the early 2000s, the first SaaS solutions were very inflexible, so inflexible that they were only designed to solve a single need or problem. Fortunately, more than 20 years later, this technological reality is truly mouldable and today offers its benefits in different areas and sectors such as human resources, commerce, marketing, sales and, of course, the management of infrastructures and urban services.

city street
The benefits of SaaS technology in urban grids are undeniable

What are the advantages of its application in the maintenance of a city?

Now that you know what SaaS technology is and what it consists of, it is time to delve into the benefits that its application offers in the maintenance of municipalities and cities.

Thanks to it, public administrations, engineering, consulting and maintenance companies can respond to the Smart City philosophy, favouring an increase in the efficiency of the resources that make up the urban fabric, substantially improving its management and offering reliable and open data, which results not only in the reduction of recurring costs, but also in the increase in the quality of life of citizens.

What is indiva SaaS?

And to talk about economic savings, efficiency and resource optimisation is to talk about indiva SaaS, a software developed by Fisotec.

It is a solution specialised in the management of urban services, such as public lighting, drinking water and sanitation, green areas and street cleaning, and municipal services.

All this integrating in a single platform effective tools such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Computer Aided Maintenance Management (CMMS), Remote Management and Remote Control System and many other features, thanks, as mentioned, to the SaaS format that allows its use in different versions, always depending on the size and needs of each urban project.

Indiva SaaS functionalities

What are the features of indiva SaaS that allow public administrations, consultancies and maintenance companies to save more than 30% in the management of urban services?

  • Open source GIS with advanced cartography, to identify and update all assets, based on the analysis, consultation and generation of reports for each urban project.
  • CMMS integrated in each project, to manage the warehouse, as well as work orders, incidents and preventive service actions.
  • Remote management and remote control, allowing indiva SaaS to be connected to remote manageable devices and IoT networks within infrastructures.
  • Multi-project and multi-user, for agile, simple and real-time management of as many projects and municipalities as the client wishes, all from a single control panel.
  • Integration with other platforms such as, for example, urban software for citizen services or maintenance.
Indiva SaaS
Save more than 30% in urban services management with indiva SaaS

Urban areas in which indiva SaaS is applicable

Is indiva SaaS the ally of the smart urban inventories developed by Fisotec? The answer is yes, because it is possible to evaluate, measure and manage urban data in a simple and intuitive way, thanks to four specific solutions:

  • Energy, for efficient and optimised management of the public lighting service
  • Water, to control the municipal water and sewerage service
  • Environment, to manage parks, green areas, children’s playgrounds and irrigation systems
  • Urban, to meet the basic urban needs of municipal services such as FTTH networks, pavements, street cleaning, etc.

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